Mo-Graph Mentor

{Student Work} Class 03 Final Thesis : Lollipop Network

Class 03 is all about story, beauty & strategy. In this class, students take everything they’ve learned and produce one final project for a non-profit organization. This gives them real world experience while exploring new styles and workflows.

Today we’re sharing last semester’s final video with you. This was a collab piece by graduates: Daniel Stanush, Diego Chavez & Remington McElheney. They were expertly guided by their mentor, Alex Mapar.

Each student pitched different concepts and art direction, and they had to work as a team to figure out which style would best suit this narrative. Below are some early design concepts that they explored.

010_LN_0201-01 Mograph+C3+Lollipop+040-01 Mograph+C3+Lollipop+050-01 Mograph+C3+Lollipop+060-01 Mograph+Lollipop+C3+130-01
From Remington:

“Animatics played a huge role in the production for this video. Something that was stressed early on by our mentor was how important a good animatic was. Essentially week by week we would produce a new animatic until it eventually became our rough cut and then final cut. It was ever evolving and always changing but it was really important to see things set into basic motion to understand if it was communicating or not. This video shows the progression from our board-o-matic to our final cut. It’s kind of fun seeing which scenes stayed pretty consistent throughout and which scenes changed.”

Enjoy their final piece! So proud of all their hard work.