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{Student Work} Daniel Stanush : Visual Essay

One of the hardest parts when you’re new at any craft, is creating work that’s original. We love seeing students push boundaries, and try new things because that’s ultimately what gives you a voice, and makes you stand out.

Daniel has always been one of those students. And today we’re sharing his Class 01 Visual Essay.

“This was my first animation in C4D, which is a program I wanted to learn more about during the course. I picked a passage from Hermin Melville’s Moby Dick that had some great imagery, and went with a low poly look. That style is popular right now, so there were lots of resources online that I could use to learn C4D. Coming from a video editing background, it was cool to set up shots in Cinema and then cut them into an edit in After Effects, where I also added some additional color and effects. I really like producing sound design for video, and had a great time creating a tense and eerie music bed to complement the narration, which I decided to get recorded in Spanish and subtitled because it added a sweet extra nuance to the feel of the piece.”

Now that you have some background info, go enjoy some still images, and the final video at the bottom!

Fish & Shark 2
Fish & Shark
Floating Rig
Light Test

Big thanks to Daniel’s Class 01 mentor, Darrin Dick!

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