Mo-Graph Mentor

{Student Work} Gaurang Dhebar : Class 01 : Design For A Theme

One of the 3 projects in Class 01 is “Designing For a Theme”

In this project students have the opportunity to explore the process of creating visual imagery. Having the constraint of a theme forces them to engage in the process of creative problem solving. This assignment focuses on form, color, texture and typography.

Today I want to share Gaurang’s imagery. For his project he chose the subject “LIFE”.

“My life stands on 4 pillars. L : Love, I : Inspire, F  : Fearless & E : Education.”

For this theme, Gaurang painted in Photoshop to create these posters and the results are beautiful!

TitleS (1)love_s inspire_s fearless_s education_s

Big thanks to Gaurang’s mentor, Steve Savalle for guiding him throughout the semester.

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