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{Student Work} Gabi Vallu : Mini Planet Iris

The first project of Class 1: Introduction to Design & Animation is a design project that we affectionately call, “Designing For a Theme.” The idea is to create a conceptual & visual style based around a broad theme.  Students could choose from a list of themes (technology, school, breakfast, etc..) or create their own.  The goal of this project is to explore a process driven approach to creating visual imagery, from concept to execution. Below is Gabi’s project with her process and thoughts.


On my “Designing For a Theme” project, I decided to work on an idea I had some time ago while listening to a song from one of my favorite 70´s Brazilian mpb-rock group “Novos Baianos”. The song is called “Mini PLaneta Íris”, or Mini Planet Iris. It talks about how one can feel caught to another dimension by looking at his/her lover´s eyes.

Here´s a quick translation of the lyrics:
When listening to the song, this image of a huge intergalactic eye floating in the universe, like a planet, with stars,comets and a spaceship flying near it came into my mind.

So after listening to the song and reading the lyrics a couple of times I came up with these key-words:

And decided to have an astronaut character flying in a spaceship and finding this huge weird brown eye, and falling in love with it.Then I started my visual research: 

After selecting these images, I did some sketches for the astronaut and the spaceship, as well as some sketches for the style frames I had in mind from the beginning.
Since I´m already used to work with typography and logotypes I also made tests for the lettering.The astronaut circled in red was my final design choice, and all class agreed it was working best.

sketch_f1 sketch_f2 sketch_f3

On the third week I worked on getting all my frames ideas on paper. Since we needed 6 frames, I found that I had to have a frame showing the astronaut inside the spaceship, and showing that he was traveling, in order to have a story, even though the frames weren’t meant as a storyboard. In some frames I wasn´t sure yet about the composition or about what I should show for the story to make sense.
I also cleaned and started painting the astronaut, and tried to define a final design for the spaceship. I started painting first the frames I wasn´t sure of how to do and knew I would have more trouble with. I had trouble defining the spaceship on the 2nd frame and the 4th frame composition.


After reviewing with my class, we noticed more adjustments to do: reorganize the 1st frame layout; finalize the spaceship; go with the profile view for frame 4 and use a red/orange hue on the big eye skin.

And here is the final version of all the frames!
When I remember my initial ideas, especially about the colors, I think I didn’t get what I was planning for. The purple background surely had a great impact on my colors choices, and in the end I don´t think it looks so 70´s vintage as I first imagined it should be. But many times when we allow things to happen more freely we can also get pleasant surprises. The comments and revisions in class were crucial in all the development process, so a BIG THANK YOU for everyone that helped me with critiques!

01F_miniplanetiris_02 02F_miniplanetiris_04 03F_miniplanetiris_01 04F_miniplanetiris_02 05F_miniplanetiris_01 06F_miniplanetairis_01


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