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{Student Work} Wolfram Friele : Organic Tech

The first project of Class 1: Introduction to Design & Animation is a design project that we affectionately call, “Designing for a theme.” The idea is to create a conceptual & visual style based around a broad theme.  Students could choose from a list of themes (technology, school, breakfast, etc..) or create their own.  The goal of this project is to explore a process driven approach to creating visual imagery, from concept to execution. Below is Wolfram’s project with his process and thoughts.


For the first Mograph Mentor project we had to design 6 frames and a title frame. We had to choose a theme, and make the design and frames fit this theme.

I quickly decided on the theme: Organic Tech. I wanted to make my designs sci fi and in 3D.

The next step was making a Wordlist, and getting a bit of an idea where this project was going.Image1

This in combination with looking for images on the internet to express what style I was thinking of. The ghost in the shell homage from Ash Thorp was a huge inspiration. I also started looking for visual reference, I liked the idea that the technology could grow like nature. Therefore I started looking at images of dividing cells. I came up with the idea that a nano bot had started dividing.


Next up was sketching, I started off with a lot of thumbnails on paper. After that I did some more elaborate sketches in pro create. And a couple of sketches in Cinema 4D to try if things worked technically. Eventually I did one sketch of the first frame that looked a lot like the final result. I came up with the title Vascular Systems, but it was decided with the class that just Vascular would be a better title.




The week after this the first def frames were planned. Because 3D is quitte a lot of work, I decided to finish the modelling for this week. I wanted to make almost everything based on hexagonal shapes. Next to that I did some type research for the title frame.


The comments on this week were mostly about composition. My mentor Ryan Summers had the great idea to make the frames extra widescreen. Besides I had to texture and light everything. I added some red vines to add to the idea of energy flowing through the vasculars. And added flares and some color correction in post.

The comments from my mentor really helped to make the final frames. So a big thank you to him and the class. I hope to find some time to animate this project so there might be an update after a while.



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