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{Student Work} Wolfram Friele : Organic Tech

The first project of Class 1: Introduction to Design & Animation is a design project that we affectionately call, “Designing for a theme.” The idea is to create a conceptual & visual style based around a broad theme.  Students could choose from a list of themes (technology, school, breakfast, etc..) or create their own.  The goal of this project is to explore a process driven approach to creating visual imagery, from concept to execution. Below is Wolfram’s project with his process and thoughts.


For the first Mograph Mentor project we had to design 6 frames and a title frame. We had to choose a theme, and make the design and frames fit this theme.

I quickly decided on the theme: Organic Tech. I wanted to make my designs sci fi and in 3D.

The next step was making a Wordlist, and getting a bit of an idea where this project was going.Image1

This in combination with looking for images on the internet to express what style I was thinking of. The ghost in the shell homage from Ash Thorp was a huge inspiration. I also started looking for visual reference, I liked the idea that the technology could grow like nature. Therefore I started looking at images of dividing cells. I came up with the idea that a nano bot had started dividing.


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