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{Student Work} Carlos Soares : Visual Essay

This project was completed in our first online course, Introduction to Design & Animation. The project brief is titled : Visual Essay. The challenge was for students to communicate an idea of a story within the constraints of a 30-45 second video. Carlos Soares decided to do a short about a pirate who finds an unusual gold bar inside a treasure chest.

We asked him to provide a write-up for the project. Below are his words.


This piece is about a pirate who finds an unusual gold bar inside a treasure chest and, like all good pirates do, he bite-tests it to see if it’s real gold. But then, that turns out to be a really bad idea.


02I think I went for character animation because it’s something I’m really fascinated by and, looking at the Class 2 assignments, both of them felt really mograph-oriented. So I decided to play with some different ideas in Class 1 before getting deeper into that subject.

My main source of inspiration was probably this short. – I love everything about it. It had a great impact on my color palette, my use of negative space and even on the story. I mean, not the story itself, but by seeing how Panop Koonwat came up with those crazy scenes to talk about overconsumption and global warming, I felt like creating a silly story myself to talk about something that, at first sight, would even go unnoticed. So that is how I ended up using pirates and iPhones to tell a story that basically says “one man’s treasure is another man’s trash” – an inversion of that old saying.



One thing that really helped me create the adventure/comedy mood I was going for was the music in it, and for that I have Worldwide Adventurers to thank. I was looking for some pirate-themed songs on the Internet and ended up finding this amazing band, and after listening to their “The Pirate Shanty,” I knew it was the right song for my story. I emailed them talking about Mograph Mentor and this assignment and they were good enough to let me use it.

Connect with Carlos : Portfolio | Vimeo


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