Mo-Graph Mentor

{Staff Interview} Christal Huth

1) What is your experience like as an admissions director?

I have loved it! First of all it’s exciting being a part of something new and I’m so proud to help build this program. My role is the first stop in the journey for students and I think my favorite part is getting to know a little about each student.  I’ve been inspired by how talented and hard working our students have been. It’s a small part, but I love the feeling of plugging their potential into a place where it will flourish.

2) What is the most common question you get asked?

That would probably be related to who their mentor will be. A lot of students are eager to figure out who’s class they will be in.

3) How do you determine who gets accepted?

We base most of it on who we believe is a good fit for the program. We want students that understand what we are, are ready to take on the challenge and are motivated to grow themselves as artists. We want those that will be served well by our program.

4) Any advice for students who would like to apply?

Get to know us! Read through the blog or site. Ask us questions. Call or Skype us! We are eager to tell you. If you think you are a good fit for the program, we most likely will too!



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