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{Student Interview} Curtis Burris-White


 1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

What’s up I’m Curtis Burris-White, a Senior Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, and Cinematographer from Detroit, MI. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a career in media arts in some fashion, but I never would’ve guessed in motion graphics. A little over 4 years ago, I was toiling away at an auto parts plant here in Michigan when the auto industry was upended. I was faced with a major decision: do I continue to work for a pay check or take a chance and do something I was really interested in and could put my heart into. Well I took the plunge! I knew absolutely nothing about editing or Final cut, or Photoshop so I attended Spec Howard School of Media Arts in Southfield MI and they gave me enough information to light a fire inside me. Upon graduating their dual concentration (Radio/Video) program I landed an internship at the NBC affiliate here in Detroit. That’s where I got introduced to motion graphics. I devoured every tutorial and watched all the breakdowns I could. Through hard work and persistence I landed a job opportunity with a start-up production company, “Velocity Cow”. There I worked my way up from editor to Senior Editor, Mograph Designer and Cinematographer. I’ve been blessed to say the least and enjoy every moment of what I do. Even the tough ones! In my off time I enjoy having fun with my wife and three little girls.

2) How did you find out about MoGraph Mentor and what made you interested in joining the program?

I love learning so as I was checking out Vimeo for some new tuts and inspiration the MM explainer video popped up in a search. I watched it like a hundred times and decided to see what the program was about. So I did some research into all the awesome mentors and their work, as well as subscribe to MM’s blog to see what students were saying about the program. The students absolutely loved it and I was sold!

3) What do you like best about MoGraph Mentor? Anything that can be improved?

What I like the most is being able to speak to mentors of this caliber who are genuinely invested in your growth. Michael has done a wonderful job of assembling the Justice League of art directors, animators, and artists to help guide students. This is where MM shines! The insight and direction that comes from Colin Hesterly has been amazing. Also being in class with other designers from across the globe has definitely broadened my perspective and approach to design.

Honestly I don’t see a single thing I would improve. I’m excited to see MM grow, and to see how the community of alumni will one day contribute to the growth and evolution of this program.

4) Do you feel like you have grown as a motion designer since joining the program?

I have grown leaps and bounds since I’ve been a part of Mograph Mentor. Being largely self-taught, my technical skills grew a lot faster than my understanding of key design principles and how to apply them. MM has closed those gaps for me and provided a foundation I can rely on that ultimately helps me make better design decisions.

5) Do you have any advice for future students?

My advice is to take advantage of everything Mograph Mentor has to offer. Not only the interaction with your classmates and mentors, but all the case studies, lectures, projects, Q & A’s, and Student Labs that are provided for you. All these things have been designed to created a wonderfully well rounded experience.

6) Any last comments about the program?

This has been an incredible experience. I want to see MM explode and produce award winning designers, and animators of its own. Thank you Michael for having the vision and commitment to making Mograph Mentor happen! Long Live Mograph Mentor!!!


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