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{Placement Partner} Charlie Matz : CEO VeracityColab

MoGraph Mentor wants to do more than just educate and inspire. We have worked hard to put structures in place that will foster opportunities for our students. Our Job Placement Program, sounds much fancier than it actually is. Simply put, we connect our students with the people who need their skills.

We’ve partnered with ad agencies, production studios, marketing firms & churches to find opportunities for our small community of students.

We recently asked one of our Job Placement Partners, VeracityColab, if they’d give us some insight into who they are, and what type of people they look to bring in.

Veracity has established themselves a full service video agency making excellent content for Google, Adobe, Lenovo, LegalZoom and a long list of other companies.

As they grow, they face the challenge that all successful creative agencies face: Human Resources.

Here is the interview we conducted with Charlie. If you’re a motion designer looking to work for an agency like Veracity, then this information is incredibly valuable.


Charlie Matz is the CEO of VeracityColab. Some of the things Charlie focuses on for VeracityColab are vision casting, client satisfaction, keeping the Team inspired and happy

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How does your business use Motion Design?

We use animation to create marketing videos for our clients. The end product is used for online or broadcast marketing or sales training.

What do you look for in a Motion Designer (as a full time team member)?

We hire for character first and skill second. Character is what helps us accomplish our company vision “A team that becomes family and clients for life”. Once we find someone who fits our 7 Core Values, we then look at their work. Here are our 7 Core Values:

Charge storms like a Buffalo
In Colorado both Buffalo and Cows roam the same fields. When a storm comes over the Rockies the cows run away from the storm, causing them to endure the “pain” for a longer period of time. Because of their slow speed, they simply run under the storm, never finding relief. Buffalo are different. They run toward the storm full speed. Although the pain comes quicker, it’s over much faster and they endure it for the shortest amount of time possible. At VeracityColab we know that honest, truthful confrontation is a key to growing great relationships. We all commit to charging our “daily storms” like a Buffalo, holding each other accountable and helping to eliminate gossip and bitterness.

Rest is fuel
What we do for a living is hard work. It’s taxing on the mind and on the body at times. It’s a high-stress environment with a lot on the line for our team and our clients. That’s why it’s so important to find time to “unwind” and rest. We suggest finding time where you “unplug” from your devices and social media as well. We also suggest that this is planned. Rest won’t just “find you” but rather you need to be disciplined. When you properly rest it produces fuel to do more than you ever imagined while you’re at work.

Yes is yes
Integrity is important. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. It’s that simple… and it’s true no matter how big or small the commitment.

Deposit more than you withdraw
This is something we should all strive to do regardless of where we are or what we’re doing. This is true at a company, individual or client level. Everyone wins when you live by this principal. It is truly better to give than to receive… so when you deposit more than you withdraw, the recipient is receiving much while you receive the blessing of giving.

Fear doesn’t get a vote
It’s so easy to stop short of something extraordinary because of fear. So, the next time you’re weighing out a decision and you’re counting all the ballots, just make sure “fear” doesn’t get to cast one.

Measure Twice Cut Once
Simple yet profound. It only takes a few seconds to double-check your work. But that one simple act can save a reputation, serve those your working with or simply bless a client. Better yet, when you deliver consistent quality that has been double or triple-checked it builds trust that lasts a lifetime. With a Vision that states “Client for Life” it’s important to build trust early and often. P.S. this also applies to what we say (i.e. Think twice before we speak)

Hard work pays off
There’s no way around it. Simple, hard work does the trick every time. We want to “work smart” at VeracityColab for sure, but when you work smart AND work hard you can be the best. If you’re not a hard worker you won’t last long in this culture. Respect is earned by putting yourself last, rolling up your sleeves and making the lives of those around you a little easier. Let’s build this together!

Is Motion Design (and motion designers) going to play an important role in your business moving forward?

Absolutely! We serve our clients by assessing their “business problem”. We solve that problem with the appropriate video execution. Sometimes that calls for Live-Action video and sometimes animation. As long as the business problems remain diverse, so will our execution… thus always creating a need for strong animation.

If yes (to last question) how does your partnership with MoGraph Mentor factor into that?

MoGraph mentor and it’s model of teaching is a very important part of our growth. We recently hired a MGM student and we benefited from their level of skill, understanding and professionalism right from day one.

Any advice for aspiring motion artists looking to work in a business like yours?

We have never once looked at a resume for creative positions. It’s all about the person and the work.

If you are a true team player, willing to serve others and your work shows skill, intuition and critical thinking you have a wonderful shot at working with VeracityColab.


Big thanks to Charlie for taking the time to give us this interview. Great insight from a creative agency that is doing great work, and using motion design in a big way.

Check out Veracity on : Vimeo, Twitter & Facebook