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{Mentor Interview} Tony Zagoraios

Tony Zagoraios is an award winning motion designer mainly recognized for his unique style and approach. He keeps redefining himself creatively, but there is always a very distinctive and unique resonating voice behind his work.

Tony has recently joined our team, and we are very excited to have him as a new Mentor.

We asked him a couple of questions about his story, work and inspiration. Here is the interview we conducted.


What initially got you interested in motion design?

While I was finishing my Bachelor Degree in Media&Advertising I realized that there was no real creativity in there. I truly needed a pure way of getting my feelings and expressions out of my mind/head. I started by editing short movies and commercials and when I reached my personal limits of creativity it was about time to enter the endless world of Motion Design. I keep feeling it as a form of art that every day absorbs our world stimulations and keep evolving through the time.

What inspires you? is my main source of inspiration.The feelings and visions that I get from my favorite bands/musicians are my greatest tools for moving further. Also an acquaintance with interesting people can be a strong inspiration for me,and believe me..they don’t have to be designers or anything relevant to our profession. For a strange reason reading books or getting out for a walk in the nature never helped me maybe my personal inner daemons are being fed from more noisy things..and being truly honest I can’t define the term inspiration and how i decode it; I tend to believe that it is mainly a subconscious operation.

What are your favorite projects to take on?

My favorite types of projects are those where I can really express myself and visualize my own point of view.Τhe ones where clients can take the best of me and not be treated as an experience software operator. Most of the times these are non commercial projects but I tend to believe that we can educate the client to adopt our style and prove to him that this can be the best solution for him. This shouldn’t be for satisfying our ego but for believing in our creative possibilities. I always remind myself that every project should be a journey…Routine projects turned out great and awesome projects turned out failure.

What are your favorite pieces that you’ve worked on?

One of my favorite pieces is DIGITIZED because I truly believed that I pushed my self to the limit in that period,trying to come up with something new and fresh. The experiments with the motion and concept were really endless and I came up to a point where I truly didn’t have a clue on what I was doing…you know felt like improvising on a jazz/fusion song. All can be good and all can be wrong.

Another project that I really consider a favorite is the latest Channel Rebranding I did for ALPHA TV in Greece along with NOMINT where I worked as an art director and motion designer. This one was a great challenge because I had to think what works conceptually right for the viewers as far as it concerns the aesthetics and content part of the graphics package. We finally managed to deliver a colorful and fresh identity that was unique regarding the combination of animation and design.

The last one I have to mention is the opener video I did for VICE music channel named NOISEY.What a joy working for such a client and having a great understanding of your style and motion design approach.Sometimes absolute freedom can cause you creativity gaps and the usual “blank canvas” phenomenon but if you take a breath and trust yourself there is nothing to worry about. So I make use of what I love more..Darkness,geometry,glitches,timing and masks..:)

What are you excited about looking forward? 

I really like to cooperate with new partners and great artists every time. I feel that I get many things from other people not only about techniques or software issues but mainly about their own world perception and way of thinking.

Any advice for aspiring motion artists? 

Just express yourself!! Everything is just about having fun and feeling great with what you are doing. There are no design superstars or motion heroes..we all live in the same moving world!!


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