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{Mentor Interview} Colin Hesterly

Colin Hesterly is an acclaimed director and animator based out of Seattle, WA. He is currently the Creative Director for The Academy, where he’s written and directed several award winning short animated films.

Colin also has a passion for teaching students. He has been serving as a mentor in our program and is currently teaching a group of our Class 1 students.

We asked him a couple of questions about his story, work and inspiration. Here is the interview we conducted.



What initially got you interested in motion design?

Well, I originally went to school for Graphic Design & Illustration but half way through my program I had a couple of random animation classes. It was during that time that my eyes were opened to the intense power of motion.

What inspires you?

Everything from reading a good book to going for a swim. But the best thing for me is to take a long walk, I love to explore and clear my mind. I actually try to stay away from blogs and finding inspiration online. I find it stifling to my creativity.

What are your favorite projects to take on?

I love when a client hires me to just do my thing. Nothing is better than a client that fully trusts you 100%. For most artists it’s a rare thing, but I’ve been lucky enough to experience that on a pretty consistent basis.

But I guess to answer the question more clearly, I love projects that stretch me and make me uncomfortable. So as of recent I have been taking on a lot of original content stuff. The type of project where I am having to conceptualize everything from the ground up.

What are your favorites pieces you’ve worked on?

Hmm… well my favorite projects are under wraps at the moment. But I really enjoyed working on When I Grow Up. It might be simple and cute but I really enjoyed the process of pushing my abilities on that film.

What are you excited about looking forward?

Growth. I love changing and evolving in my skills.

Any advice for aspiring motion artists?

Don’t worry about finding a “style”, just focus on becoming proficient in your craft. Explore different visual styles and have fun, but don’t put that pressure on yourself. It’s a dead end. Over time a style will just find you.


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