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{Inspiration} Costa Sunglasses // Project Guyana

Costa Sunglasses // Project Guyana from Giant Ant on Vimeo.

Costa, makers of the clearest & raddest fishing sunglasses on the planet, asked us to tell the amazing story of their work in Guyana. The sport fishing industry relies on conservation, and they’ve jumped in with both feet.

We took inspiration from the art, colours, and music of Guyana to create this mixed perspective tour of the jungle, and the wildlife that live there. Voiced by the hunky John Corbett.

Client: Costa Sunglasses
Agency: Giant Ant
Directed by: Giant Ant
Producer: Brant Cheetham
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Script: Jay Grandin
Art Direction: Lucas Brooking
Design: Lucas Brooking, Jay Grandin
Animation Direction: Jorge Canedo Estrada
Animation/Compositing: Jorge Canedo Estrada, Henrique Barone, Matt James, Shawn Hight, Nicholas Ferreira, Jay Grandin
Music: Ryland Haggis
Sound FX: Cory Hawthorne
VO Direction: Leah Nelson
Voice Talent: John Corbett