Mo-Graph Mentor

Why We Exist

The reason MoGraph Mentor exists is very simple: to serve students who are looking for education in Motion Design.

Many people are excited about motion design and are serious about building a career in the field.  The demand for this type of media communications work has exploded in human society, a product of a modern and connected world. Opportunity is abundant for talented, hard working & connected motion designers.

As more people are drawn into this field from all over the world, they’re going to be looking for education. Most of the options available to them are on polar opposite ends of the same spectrum.  You can either absorb the massive amounts of free tutorial content related to the subject, or invest tens of thousands of dollars into a more comprehensive art & design education.  There are very few options in the middle.

Two years I ago I set out to build an educational program that offered a legitimate alternative to institutions like the Art Institutes, Full Sail or SCAD.  A program that could offer serious students, a serious alternative to these larger institutions.

Education can be a tricky bet for students. It’s expensive and risky.  People take a big risk when they invest in education. They have to trust that they’re making a good investment in their future. They have to trust that the program will teach them, and that the instructors will care about them and invest in them. They have to trust that they’ll get a lot out of it and it will inspire them to go on and find great success.

Education is hard because education takes people.  The worth of any educational institution is its people.

Online education is becoming more commonplace and more trustworthy among potential students. Many trailblazing institutions have proven the value you can offer leveraging the amazingly low cost of information technologies.  Individuals with great expertise in their chosen field are free to set up educational programs with little initial investment (compared to the millions needed to create a traditional institution).  The key to great online education seems to be very similar to that of a traditional school: find great people to lead it.

Of course this is a humbling thought for me personally.  I consider myself a slightly above average motion designer compared to all the incredibly deep and amazing works you see people producing.  I asked myself very seriously if I was qualified to lead this effort; I asked myself a lot.

In fact, I waited on developing this concept for a number of years, assuming someone more qualified would choose to do it.

Ultimately I decided my value was to coordinate, organize, develop, plan, schedule….basically, build the programs structure. Then go find great motion designers and great people.  All of this came together based off the generosity of many people sharing their intellect, experience and support.

I’m very grateful to all the people who infused life into this program and it exists today thanks to them.

This first semester has taught us a lot.  We’re cutting our class sizes in half going forward. The most value will come through the deepest and most thoughtful engagement.  Smaller classes means more engagement.

The first group of students was incredible.  What an amazing range of people to have interacted so closely over the last 3 months. It was an incredible experience.

We had students from the US, Brazil, Portugal, France, Switzerland & United Kingdom.

The diversity of thought and culture and personality is really what made it special. It’s impossible not to grow when you’re exposed to that. It’s been amazing, and I’m really grateful that I got to be a part of it.

We saw growth and breakthroughs from one week to the next. To see them push their work forward and grow as motion designers was incredibly exciting and served as a validation of our collective efforts.

The students are establishing a methodology for creating work that they will take with them and refine over the rest of their careers.  Education that makes an impact is about building a solid foundation that students can build upon in the future.

I’m very excited about the future of the program.  We are very clear about why we exist and we’re focused on our core mission: serve students.

We’re going to keep it that simple and learn the rest as we go.