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{Inspiration} Walmart Works

Walmart Works from Buck on Vimeo.

Directed By: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Direction: Thomas Schmid
Art Director: Alex Mapar
Producer: Katie Boote
Design: Thomas Schmid, Alex Mapar, Laura Alejo, Justin Fines, Gareth O’Brien, Stephen Kelleher
Animation Lead: Alex Mapar
2D Animation: Daniel Oeffinger, Chad Colby, Kyle Strope, Aaron Kemnitzer, Waleed Zaiter
Cel Animation: Thomas Schmid, Tristan Balos, Ryan Frost, Ben Conkin, Kyle Mowat, Sean Lattrell
3D Animation: Arvid Volz, Tingting Li

{Student Work} Tim Goodspeed : Visual Essay

This project was completed in our first online course, Introduction to Design & Animation. The project brief is titled : Visual Essay. The challenge was for students to communicate an idea of a story within the constraints of a 30-45 second video. Tim Goodspeed chose to focus on an inspirational quote from Steve Jobs.

We asked him to provide a write-up for the project. Below are his words.


The visual essay assignment allowed us complete creative freedom as long as it fit within the 30 to 45-second timeframe.  Since I do not consider myself to be much writer, I thought it best to find something that already exists and put to motion.

I wanted to find something that would appeal to a wide audience.  Possibly teach them something they did not already know, or provide insight into the world around us.  I started looking for inspiring quotes.

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