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{Student Interview} Jardeson Rocha

With the first semester coming to a close, we thought we’d spend some time with a few of our students to talk about their thoughts on the program.  First up is Jardeson Rocha from Brazil.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 27 years­ old and I’m from Fortaleza ­ Ceará ­ Brazil. I have been working with motion graphics and video editing for about 4 years now. I’m also a graphic design student. I’ve always loved movies, music, animation, illustration, skateboarding and, since my mom bought our first computer (about 7 years ago) and I discovered After Effects, motion graphics has became a passion too.

2) How did you find out about MoGraph Mentor and what made you interested in joining the program?

I used to visit Render Time, the blog of Michael Jones, a lot. Then I started to follow him on Twitter and the rest is history. Mograph Mentor looked like a different program covering all the elements that makes Motion Design instead on focusing on software. When I first saw the website go live I had no doubt, I knew I had to apply.

3) What do you like best about MoGraph Mentor? Anything that can be improved?

I love pretty much everything about MM, but, mostly, I love the people that are in there. The Mentors, the classmates, the ‘friends’ (this is how I call the professionals that are on Voices Section and Q&A’s), every single one inspires me. From my classmates to the professionals I have admired for a long time, there are so many good people doing awesome work next to you, telling you good things, giving advice, exchanging information, references that I feel I need to do the best I can. It makes you want to do the best you can.

4) Do you feel like you have grown as a motion designer since joining the program?

I have no doubt about it. I have a better understanding of what it takes to do a good piece, the process that it involves… Besides that, the world seems bigger now but, at the same time, it seems more tangible. What I’d saw as a dream (working for great studios, making awesome things that I admire so much now) it seems more like real possibilities now.

5) Do you have any advice for future students?

Reserve some time for studying. You’ll do great things for sure but you’ll have to put the max effort you can. All the pieces you need are here but you’ll need time to put it all together and come up with good things.

6) Any last comments about the program?

I love you guys.


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