Mo-Graph Mentor

{Student Work} Ian Shea : Bayou

This project was done by Ian Shea while in our Class 1 : Introduction to Design & Animation. This is our first of three courses in the MoGraph Mentor program and is designed to focus on the fundamentals and process of taking a concept and producing work.

The first project is called, Designing for a theme. The students are asked to select a theme, concept their visuals and produce polished artwork. Ian put a lot of thought and love into his project and it turned out great.

FROM IAN : My first “assignment” through MoGraph Mentor, designing for a theme. They call it an assignment… but it never felt like work. I had a fantastic time with this. I chose The Bayou as my theme. It holds mystery, danger and charm for me. I started with a word list and then from there narrowed it down and got out the sketchbook and then finally to Illustrator and then pen tool.







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