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{Student Work} David Urbinati : Space

The first project of Class 1: Introduction to Design & Animation is a design project that we affectionately call, “Designing for a theme.”  The idea is to create a conceptual & visual style based around a broad theme.  Students could choose from a list of themes (technology, school, breakfast, etc..) or create their own.  The goal of this project is to explore a process driven approach to creating visual imagery, from concept to execution.

David Urbinati, one of our students has graciously agreed to share his project and provide information about his process. I’m incredibly proud of David. He put a lot of love into his project and it really came together.

Here is David’s write up & work.

I began with creating some rough sketches to explore my theme, which was space. Stories are powerful and draw me into an idea, so I decided to create one to go with it.

From establishing the basic premise of the story, I moved to some more detailed sketches of some specific scenes I had in mind to work on layout and content. I’m very used to the flat orthographic-view style, so I decided to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and explore how to use perspective to tell my story.

Once I was happy with my general layout and content here, I began the work of creating the forms and colors in vector so I could paint and texture them with more detail later.

Texturing is now my new favorite thing. I saw how a pretty “meh” design goes from just being there to really communicating the mood I was going for. Check it.

I created a consumer grade technical drawing of the rocket that you see here; consumer grade meaning not real technical data, more like promotional propaganda.

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