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Student Experience : FAQ

I have no previous experience. Is that ok?

Yes. MoGraph Mentor is built to serve students at the most novice level.  Class 1 will begin with an introduction to the foundational concepts of visual communication.  If you are technically novice, thats ok too.  Our online library of tutorials will walk you through the basics of each of the relevant programs.


How much time will I have to devote to the program each week?

10-25 hours per week.  Why such a wide range? Your workload will be heavily project driven and the amount of time you devote to your assignments is up to your discretion.  We encourage you to work as hard and long as you can, but ultimately its up to you.


Can I test into classes 2 or 3 if i’m more advanced?

No. This program was designed for individuals to take all 3 classes.  We do not have an advanced placement program.  Although this will likely evolve over time, we don’t currently offer advanced placement.


Are scholarships available to help pay my tuition?

No. We do not have any financial aid available at this time.  We have made each class as affordable as we possibly can.  We are attempting to locate corporate partners who can offer scholarships to students, but at this time it is not available.


What software do i need?

Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop & Maxon’s Cinema 4d. For a full description of software and hardware requirements please see our post devoted to this topic: Link


If I graduate the program, does the Job Placement Program guarantee me a job? 

No. It only serves to get your work in front of our network partners. The hardest part of starting out in this industry is getting your work in front of people who have the need and resources to hire you.  It’s our goal to assist in this process. But there are no guarantees.


If I have a 9-5 job, can i still participate? 

Yes. We have asked all our mentors to conduct their live class sessions in the evening hours.  This allows students who are working day jobs to attend class each week.


Are international students welcome?

Yes! In fact we encourage it.  Just a few things to consider if your checking us out from outside the US.

Classes will be taught in English. So a firm grasp on the language is necessary to get the most of this experience.

Classes will be held in the evening hours of US time zones.  Exactly what time zone will be determined by which mentor you have.  So if you are an international student just make sure you would be available to attend your weekly class.

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