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My Online Education Experience

A few years ago I attended 3 semesters of an online school called  The school was led by a team of character animators who had worked at Pixar. They were leveraging the internet to bring education and mentoring directly to students who were interested in character animation.  The courses were fantastic!  We had weekly lectures and corresponding assignments.  The tasks were simple but were meant to teach us the foundational principles of animation.  Most importantly we had direct access to industry professionals   Our mentors were all guys who had success in the field and could speak directly about how the industry worked.

Although I ended up moving more into motion design, the investment was 100% worth it.  I probably spent around 10K in classes with them, but I would do it over again in a heartbeat.  Compare that with the 40K I spent on traditional education.  I would absolutely do that differently.

Online education, especially based around a mentoring model, is such a valuable alternative to traditional education.  Of course a 4 year degree is very important, but not necessarily for those wanting to enter the creative services industry. It’s impossible to say what is right for anyone else.  But for me, choosing online education and mentoring impacted my life and my career in a very profound way.

Obviously MoGraph Mentor draws a lot of inspiration from Animation Mentor, and I don’t ever want to hide that fact.  Animation Mentor showed us a model of education & mentorship that works for teaching a creative craft.  We are applying (loosely) the same structure to focus on motion design.  Using the internet to bring people more affordable, educational options is a great trend and we’re pleased as punch to throw our hat into the ring.

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