Mo-Graph Mentor

Meet Mo-Graph Mentor The online Motion Graphics school you’ve been looking for

Mo-Graph Mentor is an online motion graphics training program, with an emphasis on career development. We save you time and money, by connecting you to industry professionals who will work with you to grow your portfolio and your skill set. This program is for students who are looking to pursue a full time career as a motion designer. And since the entire program is online, you can be a part of Mo-Graph Mentor from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why Do Mentors Matter?

We believe that online mentorship paired with an in-depth curriculum is an educational model that is powerful and efficient. Our mentors are industry professionals with years of hands on experience, creating work for the some of the worlds biggest brands. Their combined experience along with their passion for developing and teaching students is the strength of our program.

What’s The Program Like?

  • Lectures
    We focus on the timeless concepts and principles that will build the foundation of your new career as a visual artist and storyteller.

  • Critique
    Each assignment receives a detailed critique from your mentor so you can work collaboratively to create your best work.

  • Portfolio
    We want to help you build a high quality portfolio that will allow you to launch a career in motion design.

  • Placement
    We’ll get your work in front of our selected network of agencies, studios, and businesses. Once you graduate, it’s time to get to work!

What About Job Opportunities?

All across the country agencies, studios and businesses are connecting with Mo-Graph Mentor to gain access to our network of qualified graduates. The demand is there. All that’s missing is you. These are a few of our partners.

Student Feedback

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